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An oasis of peace and quietness with ideal conditions for the golf sport

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Golfing is one of the sport types in Germany, which have become very popular.
If you are planning a golf trip, holidays, a golf vacation or weekend, then a stay in the
674-edes castle hotel Palatinate is just the right thing for you! The 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate is not a golf hotel itself, but in Essingen-Dreihof in the southern Palatinate (about 12 km southeast from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate) there is an 18-hole championship course and a 9-hole compact golf course, which are cared for by the golf club Essingen-Dreihof.

The golf course (about 70,000 sqm) with generously built alleys, sand and water barriers is located in a charming landscape near the Southern Wine Road and the Palatinate forest. Club membership with a registered Hcp (54) is necessary for the use of the 18-hole championship course. The 9-hole compact golf course is public and can be played on starting at a Hcp of (54). Advance request is necessary.

Day green fee for the 18-hole championship golf course, per person about 30 EUR, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, per person about 45 EUR.
Day green fee for the 9-hole compact golf course, per person about 20 EUR, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, per person about 25 EUR.
Range fee for the driving range, per person about 5 EUR.
(status December 2002)

At the end of a golf game, the golf restaurant "Tiramisu" invites to a cozy conclusion or to a refreshment with an Italian meal.
Opening hours: daily from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Arrival to the golf course by car

Drive via the federal highway B 38 in direction Landau from Edesheim, turn left shortly before Landau to the federal highway B 272, after 4,5 km turn right to the country highway L 542 and drive in south direction to the "Landgut Dreihof" ("manor Dreihof").

Offers golf school schools lesson lessons trainer

The golf course of the golf club Essingen-Dreihhof is also opened for guest players, who have never hit a golf ball before, who want to learn to golf or want to improve their skills. The golf trainer of the club offers golf lessons for this. Golf lessons and golf "get-to-know" lessons belong to the offer. The golf lessons take place in small groups or as single lesson.

Contact address

  • Golfing club Landgut Dreihof ("manor Dreihof"), Sudliche Weinstrasse e. V., 76879 Essingen-Dreihof, phone +49 (0) 6348 / 6150 237, fax +49 (0) 6348 / 4388

Further golf courses and golfing clubs in the area

  • Golfing club Pfalz Neustadt a. d. Weinstrasse e. V., Im Lochbusch, 67435 Neustadt-Geinsheim (about 16 km northeast from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate), phone +49 (0) 6327 / 974 20

  • Golfing club Kurpfalz e. V., Kohlhof 9, 67117 Limburgerhof (about 38 km northeast from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate), phone +49 (0) 6236 / 47 9494

  • Golfing club Deutsche Weinstrasse e. V., Im Bitzgrund 1, 67273 Dackenheim (about 47 km north from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate), phone +49 (0) 6353 / 989 212

  • Erster golfing club Westpfalz Schwarzbachtal e. V., (first golfing club west Palatinate Schwarzbach valley), Hitscherhof, 66509 Rieschweiler-Muhlbach, (about 62 km west from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate), phone +49 (0) 6336 / 6442

  • Golfing club Pfalzerwald e. V., Auf den Aspen 60, 67714 Waldfisch-Burgalben (about 63 km west from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate), phone +49 (0) 6333 / 279 603

  • Golfing club Barbarossa e. V., Kaiserslautern, Am Hebenhubel, 67686 Mackenbach (about 66 km northwest from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate), phone +49 (0) 6374 / 994 633

  • Golfing club Sinsheim, Buchenauerhof 4, 74889 Sinsheim, 18-hole golf course (about 68 km east from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate), phone +49 (0) 7265 / 7258

  • Golfing club Worms e. V., Gernsheimer Fahrt, 67580 Hamm (about 73 km north from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate), phone +49 (0) 6241 / 958 570

  • Golfing club Heidelberg-Lobenfeld, 18-hole golf course in Lobbach-Lobenfeld (about 84 km east from the 674-edes castle hotel Palatinate), phone +49 (0) 6226 /952 110

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